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We believe there is an artist in everyone

Imikimi is an online community where millions of people share and remix their creativity. Our goal is to help everyone find their inner artist and share their masterpieces with the world. Imikimi artists just like you have already created millions of Kimis for others to share, remix and enjoy.

Welcome! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

We make it easy to express yourself creatively

From beginner to professional, we've got everything you need to create and share your unique style. Start by adding your photos to millions of user-created templates on everything from dating and holidays to sports and travel. Once you've mastered that, you can start creating your own templates. Share them with people around world and see how they get used.

Go wild! Have fun! (we give you permission)

iPhone and iPod Touch

Imikimi is now available on the App Store. You can remix your photos on your iPhone and iPod. Use photos from Facebook, your Photo Library or iPhone camera. Post your creations on Facebook and tag your friends. Send Kimis as email postcards or tweet them on Twitter.

Watch the Demo Video to learn more...

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